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Reichstag Building

Our German Classes


Our German language and culture classes are for every level from beginners to advanced.

Learn German in a lovely environment surrounded by nice people.

Enjoy language tuition combined with interesting lessons about German culture and customs.

Monday 10:00                   Advanced Conversation

Tuesday 12:30                   Intermediate

Tuesday 15:00                   Beginners

Tuesday 18:00                  Beginners Plus

Fees are made up of the German YMCA annual membership fee of £10 and the tuition of £20 per term which usually gives you about 12 sessions with a one week half-term break in the middle.

Come an join us for a free trial class.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Anna on

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Our Art Classes


Local Art Teacher Saji Mitra runs our monthly art class Watercolour & Wine where everybody can join

and try their luck with canvas and paints in a relaxed atmosphere.

Wine and cheese will be served on the evening. Materials are included.

Spaces are £5 and are limited.

If you are interested, please register with Anna on

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