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Christmas Market
The market on Saturday 7th December went very well, as did the shop in the following week. Still, with prices having gone up, we expected a leaner result than the £3150 we made in 2018. We were wrong and made a whopping £3960 for the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital. Many thanks to donors, customers, musicians and helpers! The remaining food was donated to The Connection at St Martin’s to help the homeless.

Photos by Karmele Hernaiz

Voices in Harmony
The last event before Christmas was a show by Voices in Harmony. Everyone on stage and in the audience seemed to have a great time, especially Frank whose birthday it was. The result was an enjoyable evening that raised £325 for the West London Mission, a charity for homeless people in Marylebone. Thanks to all involved!

Street Money
A few people from the German YMCA have continued to collect money that was lying in the street. Some also donated their spare pennies to the good cause. So we were able to donate £229.21 along with the remaining biscuits etc to The Connection at St Martin’s, the homeless charity in Trafalgar Square. Thanks to all who contributed!

Stamps for Bethel
We collect used (and unused) stamps for Bethel, a social charity in Bielefeld, Germany. They are sorted and processed by disabled people to be sold on. This gives them jobs and a lot of fun in finding out where this particular specimen is from. Please keep all undamaged stamps and pass them on to Udo Bauer, who will send them on to this good cause.

DVDs for Seamen’s Mission
If you have spare DVDs that you don’t need we will happily collect and pass them on to lonely seafarers. On the ocean they usually don’t have TV reception.

Bernd Hildebrandt’s new book: Pressed Plants Naturally
For many years our former General Secretary has produced wonderful pressed flower cards for our Christmas Market. Now he has given up the secret and written a book to explain how it was done and how you can do it too. You can find it at the Hildebrandt's family website https://hi-creative.co.uk/

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