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Preparation for

We want to produce Christmas handicrafts to be sold at the Christmas Market on 8 December. So on Tuesdays Barbara von Alten invites everyone interested to join her for a session from 10:30 (every Tuesday except 9th October). We will prepare some materials and ideas, but you are most welcome to get creative yourselves. Then there will be sandwiches and it is often followed at 14:00 by a film. Please sign up with Barbara or Udo.

If you still have brand new things that you don’t really need, we are collecting prizes for our tombola. If it’s a box of chocolates that soon reaches its sell by date, we can use it for our Bring & Buy on 20th October (like anything used that is still good). You can leave it at the Lancaster Hall Hotel Reception any time. Just let them know what it is for. Many thanks in advance!

Please do help us to achieve a great result by volunteering, donating and advertising. Many thanks in advance for your support!


Welcome Jonas

The German congregation of London West has a new Pastoralassistent. Jonas Keller is Diakon and supports the work of the German speaking congregation. He was officially welcomed at Christuskirche on 30 September. We wish him and his family God’s blessing and every success!


New Volunteer

I’m Julian Kastner from Karlsruhe and I will start on 1st October as a volunteer at the German YMCA. I’m very excited to discover all the tasks of the organization. Welcome Julian!


Farewell Cornelia

Cornelia Schmider has been our main German teacher for three years. Many thanks for all her hard work looking after vocabulary and grammar of our pupils. She also cared very much for their well-being and will be missed. Good luck, i.e. God’s blessing for her new projects in life!


Heidi’s BBQ

As always it was a wonderful afternoon, meticulously planned and executed by Heidi and her helpers. Her hospitality remains unmatched and the weather was fine, too. Thank you Heidi!


Willkommen Anna and Barbara

Anna Haase is no longer new. But after taking over the Monday morning class she now also teaches the Monday 12:30, Tuesday 12:30 and 18:00 classes. Barbara von Alten has been with us even longer than Anna. Nevertheless we welcome her as the new teacher for the Tuesday 15:00 class. A very warm welcome to both of them! And to anyone who’d like to join their lessons!om Austria. He is very motivated and looking forward to get to know us and all the activities.

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