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Corporate Responsibility


Corporate Responsibility is at the very heart of everything the German YMCA and its trading subsidiary Lancaster Hall Hotel Ltd, in support of the aims of the charity, undertakes.

Unlike most other businesses, profit maximisation is not central to our day-to-day operation, although profitability of the Lancaster Hall Hotel is essential so that the German YMCA can continue to deliver its services to visitors, the local community and beyond.

Charity and Community

As part of the worldwide YMCA movement, the German YMCA (a registered charity), is involved with a variety of projects for the benefit of the community, ranging from local and national to international. The projects are mainly educational, spiritual, leisure activities and welfare with the aim of improving the quality of life for those supported and their wider community. We welcome all, regardless of age, nationality, race, gender or religion.

The Lancaster Hall Hotel, in support of these objectives, provides subsidised accommodation to young adults, reduced rates for conference facilities for other charities and local community activities, subsidised meals for members and their friends and emergency accommodation for those who may be stranded in London until arrangements can be made for them to return home.


The responsibility for maintaining the buildings owned by the German YMCA in Craven Terrace is undertaken by the Lancaster Hall Hotel.

In recent years substantial progress has been made in reducing the environmental impact of the hotel’s operation. This has included:

  • Installation of new, energy efficient lifts
  • New roofs throughout with high quality thermal insulation
  • Installation of a Heat Source Pump to reduce gas consumption
  • Installation of Voltage Optimisation equipment and low energy lighting
  • Double glazing in the main hotel building
  • Recycling of all material where possible


The welfare of our staff is of the utmost importance. In support of this we offer:

  • Low cost accommodation on site and meals
  • Ongoing training and work experience placements
  • Supported employment for those with special needs



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